What Students Are Saying. . .

Chris has not only been a great drum teacher, but a great role model too. He has an extensive musical background, both knowledge and experience, which means Garrett can pick a song he wants to learn and Chris is able to instruct him and also join him on guitar. . . it sometimes sounds like a band is playing when they're having a lesson. Chris has a keen sense of how much he can expect from your child and how much he can push. There isn't anything that Garrett thinks he can't play... it may be hard, but when you have a great teacher, it's all possible.
- Xenia Z., LaGrange, NY (Parent of 11 year old drum student, Garrett)

I took lessons with Chris for just one summer, but in that summer, I learned more than I had with any other guitar teacher. I had two teachers before, in fact; both taught me the basics - pentatonic scales, chords, and variations on those two. Never had a guitar teacher expose me to the deeper realms of theory, or more complex modes, like Spanish phrygian. Even just scratching the surface of music and guitar theory, Chris opened new worlds of playing to me, inspired me to be curious and want to ask why a progression is the way it is, and ask why a note in a solo is played at a particular time. He uses his own experiences to teach - often you'll hear him say things like 'It took me years to figure this out, but once I did, everything clicked' - you know you'll be learning in the best way possible. Lessons are tailored to you, too - I could come in and ask a question one day, and the lesson would be on that; I could come in another day with a song I wanted to learn, and I'd come out knowing that song's ins and outs. All in all, I was more than happy to have taken lessons with Chris. I got the one experience a student searches for - I truly became a better musician and a better guitar player.
- Evan Goldstein, high school senior, Patterson, NY (guitar student)

Shane has been taking drum lessons with Chris for about 4 years now, and Chris is a great teacher, especially since when Shane started he was only 5 years old. Chris always keeps things interesting and fun so it is more enjoyable for Shane. He is very patient, makes learning fun, and communicates really well. He gets down to Shane's level and makes him feel very comfortable. Shane's favorite part of the lesson is when he gets to "jam out", with Chris playing guitar. He feels like he is in a real rock band. I would absolutely recommend Chris to anyone considering lessons for themselves or their children.
- Debbie A., Putnam Valley, NY (Parent of 9 year old drum student, Shane)

I started taking lessons from Chris with no drumming experience (apart from Rock Band). I've gone from not knowing anything, to being able to play full songs and actually read and play from sheet music. As he is a knowledgeable and talented musician, I would recommend his lessons to anyone wishing to learn music.
- Dov Frankel, Software Engineer, Pleasant Valley, NY (drum student)

Thanks for giving Tori a great lesson last week! She came home so excited and was raving about her lesson! She really is improving since she started taking lessons from you! Thank you so much!
- Trisha M., Mahopac, NY (Parent of high school senior, drum student, Tori)

Being a teacher, I know how important it is to relate to students and treat them with respect. When Chris was my drum teacher, he never acted like he was above me and was always someone I could relate to. Instead of just being someone who taught me how to play drums and improve my playing, he was someone who I felt was a friend as well. Chris showed me, as far as playing goes, how important it is to not always fall for gimmicks, and that there's a lot more to being a good drummer than fast double bass and flashy licks. He always emphasized playing with groove/feel and playing what is right for the song. A song is not a drum solo; it is not there for the drummer to show off. When I am playing with the band I am in now and I am complimented for my ability to stay on time or the way I can play with feel and settle deep into the pocket, I know right then and there that that is largely because of Chris' influence.

Chris showed me the importance of being well-rounded. I'd be playing Zeppelin one week at a lesson and the next week we'd be talking about David Garibaldi and other styles of drumming. Chris lead by example with the jazz and funk playing that he got into, proving that he was not just a rock drummer. Finally, Chris made taking drum lessons enjoyable. Because of his demeanor and teaching style, lessons would feel like the two of us were hanging out and he was showing me stuff on the drums and helping me learn. It never felt like a chore.
- Chris DiGregorio, high school teacher and drummer for "Mad Handsome", Yorktown Heights, NY (former drum student)